How Does Technology Complicate Our Lives

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Does technology simplify or complicate our lives? The difference between human beings and other animals is that humans have the ability to think. This ability has empowered humans to rule over other animals. In addition, it has enabled them to change the surrounding nature for their own benefits. For thousands of years’ humans have been battling to discover new objects. Indeed, during this hard work and struggle they have succeeded in wondrous discoveries and were able to invent technologies that have completely reshaped the course of history. Of course, they are current technologies that have made life effortless and comfortable for humans. Imagine a day without having access to your smart-phone or without having access to electricity. Technologies do not conclude only with washing machines, microwave ovens, and dishwashers. When we are talking about technologies, we indicate all those…show more content…
Most housewives prefer to wash their clothes in washing machine, clean their home with a vacuum cleaner and so forth. There 're some conditions that machines and technologies aren’t able to help women 100 percent. For instance, we have a big stain in our cloth and washing machine is not able to clean it properly. In this case women must clean that stain with their hands. In fact, it does not mean that women should wash all the clothes with their hands since it’ll be extremely a tedious work. Furthermore, it’ll waste a lot of their time. Particularly, women prefer to wash their clothes on weekends. In this case, there won 't be one or two grimy clothes; there will be a pile of dirty clothes to be cleaned. Similarly, cleaning that dirty pile with their hands will be a monotonous work. That‘s when washing machine will assist housewives to get rid of that pile of grubby clothes
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