Essay On Impact Of Technology

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Nowadays, the world had invented many useful technology that bring big impacts to the world whether it is a positive impact or negative impact. Some of the technologies that bring impacts is smart phones. There are some brilliant people invented smart phones that can call people, explore the internet and many more such as Steve Jobs that invented iPhone. As you can see, people around the world are using smart phones anytime anywhere. This happen because the people got addicted by the smart phones and do not care much about anything else. Somehow, these technologies can bring big impact that affected the communication and the creativity of the people.
Firstly, the technologies let people to stay connected with other people from far away. There are many technologies that let people to stay connected with other people such as smart phones, computers, internet, tablets and many more. With the technologies given, they can
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There are many industries in the world that invented food such as normal porridge becomes instant porridge, chickens becomes chicken nuggets, normal ramen become instant ramen and many more. To make ramen or porridge will take some times to serve it completely and perfectly. However, with the technologies, the food got invented. They just need to pour some hot water into the bowl along with the substance and the food will served in minutes. With this, they can save time to serve the food. The people who does not know how to make the porridge or ramen also can serve it easily. There are also some industries that used technologies to modify the food into some different taste such as the ramen has many flavors such as spicy, cheese, curry and many more. With this, the people will not get bored and can taste many different exotic taste. The conclusion is, the technologies can improve the taste and the process of making the food
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