How Does Technology Improve Our Life

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The 21st century saw the explosion of ICT, bringing information from all around the world to people’s finger tips. People from all around the planet are able to access information, interact with technology and learn new things everyday as a result of this technological advance. Nowadays technology has become a part which is very necessary for every field such as education, communication, and medical and so on.
The impact of technology to everyone in this modern world is endless. Technology has been used in daily life and it makes people live more comfortable and more quality. We can recognize the benefits of technology such as improve communication, easy access to information, and convenience in education or encourage creativity…It has affected the growth of our business activity or our living standard.
Besides the positive aspects of technology, most people don’t usually think about the negative impacts of social technologies such like weapon or Biological Weapons that developed from technology
Local view
Nowadays Ho Chi Minh City is the most develop country in Vietnam, more than the capital Hanoi.
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In progress of work, our member in the group have been study a lot about technology and how it can be used in the real life. This essay have been done very well from each member but sometimes we still have some problem like gave out work late or took a long time to decided who did each view in group elements. We could make a creative poster and hang out work on time. When we do at school, school’s Wi-Fi and computer is too slow so make us not easy to research evidence from internet and download our work at home in mail. After this project, we can see our teammates have been improve and we have done many works on times so we very proud of our

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