Does Technology Improve Our Lives

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The world depends on technology. More than fifty percent of the population uses technology, that is over 3.5 billion people! But does technology really help the society? Has it improved our lives or does not improve our lives? Electronic devices and online access does not improve our lives. In fact, technology is not as social as you think, it keeps us away from communicating to people face-to-face, and it makes people feel self-conscious. The first reason why I declare that electronic devices and online access does not improve our lives because it is not as social as you think. Some of these things would be homework, many students do not do their homework because of one reason, electronic devices and online access. We use our phone,computer/laptop,game…show more content…
I am convinced that the reason why some of the reasons why people do not talk to each other in person is because they have the access to text and facetime each other. They would talk about certain things that are happening in their lives but not in person instead through a digital device. Electronic devices have become a very efficient way to talk to people without even talking. According to the Blog Post “Black Hole of Technology” the author tells a story about a time her and her friends were inside instead of outside on a beautiful Friday. Instead of going outside they were so focused on Miley Cyrus’s post they did not even look away from their phones but rather focus on a screen. Technology has become so advanced you do not even have to use words to talk to people now all you need to do is have fingers with thumbs and an electronic device. People use emoji as a language. If something is pretty that they see they will put heart eyes or something sad the sad face. What these things they use for expressions instead of words are called emoticons. Another way people communicate with each other without having to look at each other is by calling on a cellphone. People are starting to not talk these days to each other. All they do is just communicate with each other by a thumb and internet connection. There is no emotion to…show more content…
“You are in the control of the internet.” Says the Blog Post “Teens and Technology.” Bet is that really a good thing? People use the internet to say things. Now, they are not always good. People are cyber bullying other people through social media. Telling them how ugly or fat they look. It makes you feel like you are not good enough for the world. I felt this one time as well because I thought I was different from the girls because I thought I was too tall,too fat, and too hairy. I thought if I can make those things go away I can be just like them (those girls on Instagram). I can be “pretty” as well. Well I want you to know before reading you ARE beautiful. Anyways, it makes you feel self-conscious because you see all those “pretty” girls or conceited girls posing with a lot of likes and comment like “OMG your (yes they do say your instead of you’re because they do not know english) so pretty heart emoji drooling emoji star eyes emojis etc and that makes you feel horrible. Why? You may ask. Because you COMPARE yourself to them. You are convinced that you are never gonna be more pretty or skinnier than them. You do not have to look a certain way to think you are beautiful because you already were. Because you are beautiful you are more than sufficient you are amazing. Because there are various other girls who think the same. You start
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