How Does Technology Improve Society?

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The world depends on technology. More than fifty percent of the population uses technology, that is over 3.5 billion people! But does technology really help the society? Has it improved our lives or does not improve our lives? Electronic devices and online access does not improve our lives. In fact, technology is not as social as you think, it keeps us away from communicating to people face-to-face, and it makes people feel self-conscious. The first reason why I declare that electronic devices and online access does not improve our lives because it is not as social as you think. Some of these things would be homework, many students do not do their homework because of one reason, electronic devices and online access. We use our phone,computer/laptop,game console, and television everyday more than we do anything else. Electronic devices has taken up all of your time throughout the day and we do not even see it. Instead of doing what is important,like homework, you are probably on your phone one social media like Twitter,Snapchat,Instagram,Youtube,or, or on your computer or laptop watching funny Vine compilations or the try not to laugh challenge or playing Roblox or Minecraft, or you can be on your game console playing Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Grand Theft Auto (GTA (my personal favorite)), or go on your Television watching SpongeBob Squarepants. The Blog Post “Black Hole of Technology” says that the internet is an endless, unimportant stream of

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