How Does Technology Replace Books

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According to the Common Sense Media , teens are spending nearly nine hours on average using media or technology. As for tweens, between the age of 8 and 12, they use technology six hours per day. Technology have some good benefit but not all of it are good. Not all people know what bad about technology and some think that they are better than books. Technological devices should not replace books because technology devices can cause health problems, it also expensive, and books improve learning much more than technology.

In fact using too much time on technology devices can cause health problems.Technological devices can cause headaches, dry eye, eye strain, and blurred vision, according to the American optometric Association. Those problem can cause people to go blind and not able to see anymore. They can also cause narcissism and depression which is a metal health
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“Reading is a conversation. All books talk, but a good book listens as well.” a quote from Mark Hadden. For most people, reading is something they like to do and it make them feel relax while reading books. Something when reading, people who fall asleep and forget all of their problem that they don’t want to deal with. Technology devices causes distraction in class, such as playing game and listening to music. Most student don’t get their work done when they are play game on their devices. Most student in Middle School in Lincoln, have chromebook which is a good thing but some student are taking advantage of chromebooks and not doing school work. “A good part of “The information” is about the transition from an oral to a literary culture. Books effect such great transformation in a way we think about the world, our history, our logic, mathematic, you name it. I think we would be greatly diminished as people and as a culture if book become obsolete,” James Gleick stated. It 's because of books that technology are here today in our
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