How Does Technology Complicate Life

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How Does Technology Simplify Life? Have you ever think of the reason behind purchasing new version of cell phone continually after a period of time? It is the updated technology embedded in it. In this world every living thing especially human tends to have a comfortable life. Therefore, since prehistoric times, humans have tried to find methods to satisfy their needs easily. Day by day the demand of modern and convenient life increased and it caused humans learned to conjugate their knowledge and skills with tools and crafts to benefit their knowledge effectively in daily life and industry. Nowadays this conjugation is called technology. Despite the claim that technology complicates life, I strongly believe that technology simplifies life.…show more content…
In the past, people from the long distances communicated via conventional methods such as telephone line by which they just heard voice of each other but nowadays they can communicate via face to face video calls or video conferences. Before the invitation of e-mail, people waited for a long time, for instance, for few weeks, to receive a letter from their friends who live even in the same country but in the too away different provinces. However, via the e-mail we can send not only letters but also photos, videos, and documents, in just a few seconds from too long distances. The straightforwardness of this method has convinced people to refer to email as according to the Email Statistic Report the numbers of worldwide emails sent/received par day is 197.3 billion. Not mentioned, in communication area technology has provided social networks such as Face book, Twitter, Hi5,and so on, in which many people around the world comment and share their opinions with each other simultaneously on and of a
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