Teenage Magazine Impact On Teenagers

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Introduction This report is about impacts Teenage Magazines have on teenagers. The report aims to raise awareness on the teenagers being affected negatively through teenage magazines and how they impact one’s consciousness of the body. Even though certain magazines influence teenagers positively, most react negatively. Teenage Magazine gives fashion tips and latest gossips on the famous celebrities and rumors. The 21st Century magazines have progressed to become less realistic and more harsh. Models seem unreasonably skinny and look like barbie dolls these days and male models have unrealistic muscles that were produced by drugs. These magazines affect teenagers these days because they are their ‘role’ models on how to be better, not their parents. They have affected these teenagers negatively …show more content…

Impacts on Teenagers 3.1 Harm Caused by Teenage Magazines Most teenage girls read magazines more mature than their age, these magazines contain advertisements and articles about relationships and sex. Previous studies have shown that magazine pictures affected them. The American Academy of Pediatrics had distributed a questionnaire to about 550 girls aged from eleven to eighteen. Nearly half of the girls responded that from looking at the advertisements, they needed to lose a few pounds. Nearly 66% said they needed to lose weight, while half of them were not overweight at all. Teen magazines such as Seventeen and Teen Vogue talk about how to look ‘slim’ and ‘sexy.’ Heavy readers, that get addicted to them, usually engage in unhealthy weight control behaviors. Advertising is found to be the main source of unrealistic body types. They showcase women to be inconsiderably skinny and men to be overly muscular to attract customers to buy their products. In reality they are average, but with advanced computer techniques to buff up the pictures, like photoshop. Models’ bodies are often ‘improved,’ giving viewers an unrealistic sense of what real bodies actually look

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