How Does Television Affect Social Life

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If people only considered all of the negative effects of television, they spend much less time watching it. Anyone who watches TV for a considerable amount of time everyday should rethink their viewing habits. Watching television for even more than two hours a day can have extremely harmful effects on on the human brain. The constant viewing of television can hinder a person’s social life to the point where it is no longer existent. Television has also played a major part in the global increase of diabetes. Watching television can also negatively influence a person’s world views and cause them to become very biased in certain situations. Watching television is harmful because it hinders a person’s social life, it is one of the main causes of type two diabetes, and it negatively influences a person’s world views.

Watching television consistently can hinder a person’s social life to the point where it is almost non-existent. However, this is only done so by
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This link comes from the lack of exercise and increased eating habits that occur when spending long periods of time watching television. Each hour spent watching TV per day increases the chances of getting diabetes by 3.4 percent (Schroeder, 2015). Television is also one of the main causes of obesity. Since television was created, obesity rates have risen gradually. A research published in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” found that for every hour spent watching television, there was a 2.2 pounds of body mass was gained by the viewer. This was mostly because of the eating associated with the constant viewing of television as well as the lack of exercise (Rosen, 2009). Other studies have shown that television causes people to eat unhealthy, instead they choose to snack on high calorie foods instead. Thus causing weight gain, due to large amounts of calories are being put into the body, but not being used for any physical

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