How Does Television Affect Society

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One of the most important inventions of the 20th century is the television. Due to, most people could not have imagined that there would be a device capable of transferring the image from one place to another in the same time. In fact, the idea of moving the picture to homes through a home receiver in a way similar to sending audio and music via the radio has been of interest to a number of scientists in Britain, Germany and the United States since the end of the First World War. But viable mature ideas emerged only in the mid-1920’s. On Sept. 7, 1927 the electronic television was first successfully demonstrated in San Francisco (Stephens,2000). At the beginning of the era of television, the public was considering it just as a tool for entertainment but in recent years television has become one of the widest and most popular means of…show more content…
It is responsible of the most common issues like the violence and illicit relationships. More than 1000 research show that, the rise in the amount of violence on television cause a lot of aggressive behaviour, also, 12000 programs and movies full of violence and rape watched by normal child yearly according to (Paediatr Child Health. 2003). Furthermore, (Boston Globe1986) had reported that 'when television films on teen-age suicide were aired, researchers noted a significant increase in the number of teen suicides or suicide attempts'. In addition, TV programs spread many wrong sexual behaviours a for Teenagers who consider the TV as a major source of information about sex. Although, the effects of this act are rarely explained or mentioned likewise:(unwanted babies, sexually transmitted diseases, prostitution), sex between unmarried is shown 24 times more than sex between husbands (Paediatr Child Health. 2003). In short, probably, most violent and wrong sexual behaviours between teenagers are caused by
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