Temperature Change Lab Report

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In conclusion temperature change did affect one of the tubes in two very different ways whilst concentration also played a role in the change of the product and reactant. Le chatelier's principle states that through change in temperature, change in concentration and adding pressure you can create an equilibrium where there can be a forward reaction and a reverse reaction. By continuously adding and taking away heat and changing concentration we have created these reactions.

When we took away the heat by putting it in the ice bath it would shift left while when we added heat to it would shift right. We saw this reaction take place as there was color change in tube 2 compared to tube 1. Turning either a translucent blue or an opaque pink, in
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When you add acetone it will change because hydrated requires water molecules in order to spread its pink color but acetone is lacking the complex CoCl2 so the Co2+ ions remain blue which is why the top looks somewhat blue and acetone has a lower density which is why it stays at the top and the pink hydrated compound is denser so it stays at the bottom. Adding more then makes the equilibrium balanced which causes it to become…show more content…
Other changes like the percipitate or the blue layer were because of concentration change. The observations made support the conclusion, as the colors did change due to the equilibrium shift. Although by observing the qualitative data we can see that the results observed may be inefficient because it was based only on our observasions and we could have different perspectives on the colors.

To further this experiment you would look into other complex’s that could further affect the Cobalt Chloride. Looking into what other stress’s that could be added to shift the equilibrium constants. Seeing what happens when you add these stress’s, like if there is any way that you could add pressure, change the concentration more, or dilute the product which could be something that could be added on to the
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