How Does Temperature Affect The Temperature Of Hydrogen Peroxide

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What will be the effects of varying temperatures of hydrogen peroxide on the speed of the chemical reaction that occurs by the catalase enzyme within hydrogen peroxide?
If the temperature of the hydrogen peroxide is increased to 40° or more the catalase enzymes reaction speed (time it will take for the filter paper to float to the hydrogen peroxides surface in the test tube) will drastically decrease and ultimately the enzyme will become less effective.
The temperature of the hydrogen peroxide.
Speed ( in seconds) or the reaction rate of the Catalase enzyme that occurs within the test tube. (The amount of time (in seconds) each piece of filter paper required to reach the surface of the test tube.)
There needs to be a constant amount of hydrogen peroxide added to each test tube.
There needs to be a constant size used of the potato slices and filter paper.
Food scale.
A blender.
A thermometer.
A stop watch that encapsulates the ability to track laps.
A hot plate or a Bunsen burner.
A large piece of filter paper.
9 test tubes.
9 beakers.
2 small metal trays.
1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
1 potato (alternatives are radish or celery.)
A full tray of ice cubes.
Note book to record results.
1. We sliced the potato into 9 equal pieces of 5cm by 5cm squares and then I weighed each slice on the food scale to ensure each weighed exactly 5 grams.
2. We cut the filter paper into 9 ,5mm by 5mm squares.
3. We

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