How Does The Cochlear Implant Affect Deaf Culture

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After watching the movie “Sound and Fury”, I learned about what a cochlear implant is and the effects that it has on Deaf culture. A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted device that provides the brain with sound signals. In the movie Heather who is from a completely Deaf family wants to get the implant Another family in the movie who the husband (Chris) is the brother of Heather 's father (Peter) who has newborn twins, which one of them is Deaf. The effects that the cochlear implant has is that while it can help Deaf people improve their ability to hear sounds it can also make them lose their Deaf culture which Heathers parents are afraid of. For the newborn twin, Chris and his wife want their child to have a successful life through hearing.
This movie helped me enhance my understanding of Deaf culture because this movie showed me how Deaf people feel
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Throughout the entire movie Peter’s and Chris’s family gets into a bitter argument about Deaf culture and why the cochlear implant can change one 's culture. Peter wants Heather to embrace her Deaf culture because he wants her to know where she comes from and knows that the cochlear implant could change that and make Heather embrace Hearing culture more than Deaf culture. Ultimately Heather does not get the implant. For Chris 's son he wants him to not be limited by being Deaf and wants him to receive the implant. Even though Chris 's son would receive the implant, Chris who is hearing but, knows sign language would make sure that his son knows about Deaf culture. Throughout the movie many Deaf people talk about how they don’t want the implant because they don’t want to lose their Deaf Culture. I would recommend this movie because this shows that Deaf people want to keep their culture and that they want Deaf people to embrace and not be ashamed of being

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