How Does The Crucible Affect Others

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The actions of others can and will affect the lives of the people around them whether it is in the community or a specific family. There are many examples of this in the book The Crucible by Arthur Miller that will affect others. As I was reading this the events that showed up most was witchcraft and lying which caused a vast majority of the problems throughout the play. Many characters demonstrated different things that impacted others’ lives, such as Abagail lying in court, John Proctor committing adultery, and lastly the girls dancing in the woods. Abigail lying in court, caused the most problems of all due to the fact that many people in the town of Salem were getting hung just because of her accusations. She was the girl who blamed everyone…show more content…
This topic is a big one because it is what started the court cases and which caused all these people to lie just to save themselves. One of the girls confessed and said “We did dance, let you tell them I confess” (10), this which caused everyone in this little town to be very scared because the girls may or may not have been summoning the devil. Another thing is the fact that these girls tried to lie their way out of it all which still resulted in them getting into more trouble. The judge was questioning one of the girls and said “If you trafficked with spirits in the forest, I need to know now” (10). This also leading into the fact that there was witchcraft in the town of Salem and everyone was a suspect. In conclusion, If Abigail would not have lied, then no one would have been hung and she would have been the only one facing a penalty. Then, if John Proctor did not commit adultery then his wife would not have even been brought in to the cases. Lastly, if those girls were not dancing in the woods than this whole court case would not have even been started and everyone in the town of Salem would have been perfectly fine and safe. In all, this book consists of many weird twisted things and no matter what someone did, other people were always affected in some way, shape, or
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