How Does The Family Change In American Culture

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Looking through the PowerPoints and reading materials, the slides on identity and community greatly stood out for me. How the American family is depicted on TV and in art has changed so much in the past 70 years. I think the shows listed in the PowerPoint were especially interesting because of their large differences between each other. The first two pictures from the 1940’s and 1950’s look very alike when first looking at them, but really they are completely different. The picture from the 40’s shows a large family and the one from the 50’s shows a small two parents and two children family. The PowerPoint says that this change happened because of World War II, but I think that this change also happened because the sense of family has changed over time. Families have become a lot less connected and families have started to stray away from farming jobs which used to keep children at the home longer.…show more content…
I believe that the Cosby Show and Good Times really changed how the typical American Family was viewed. I think this was a major turning point in our culture because it caused our culture to be viewed in a much broader sense. I think the shows of the 1990’s gave people a look at the imperfect lower-middle class family, which also broadened our views on what the American Family looks like. I personally really like Roseanne because I can really relate to the type of household the show depicts. Today, in 2016 I think the American Family is depicted in so many different ways that we being an entire country is seen as one community, even though there are so many different ethnicities and cultures in the United States. Do any of you
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