How Does The Giver's World Compared To A Dystopia

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Jonas’s World Compared To Ours Jonas’s world is a utopia compared to our dystopia, but in Jonas’s world went to a dystopia, both our worlds have differences like how Jonas’s world has sameness everything is the same. But in my world everything different it 's not the same like Jonas’s world. In Jonas’s world has laws like our but his is more harsh than ours. Like if there are twins, one is released(death) but in our world if we have twins are really cool in our world. Both are worlds are different in comparison. First of all Jonas’s world, in THE GIVER, In that world has no freedom to choose, no love, or color, the government has more control over their world. But In the book the Giver says that “ he has love for Jonas like he did for Rosemary”(Lowry 96). Imagen a world where you could not love the one you choose. That would be horable.…show more content…
But in Jonas’s world you do not get to choose like what you want to ware or love who you want to love. In our world we get to choose who we want to love and what we want to ware. But Jonas says “that it’s not fair”(Lowry 98). However the new receiver can see different colors but nobody else can. In the THE GIVER everybody does not know what they are doing except for Jonas and the Giver. But in my world everybody knows what they are doing. But some people know what they are doing, and knows it’s bad but still do it. But people in THE GIVER like Jonas’s father for instance does not know what they are doing because he killed one of the twins. But we know when we are killing someone or something. You see our world compared to Jonas’s are different by a lot. But some are the same but very little is the same. You see we do have some control over our world, but in Jonas’s world they have complete control. Jonas’s world was a utopia and turn into a dystopia. But my world is a dystopia. So we have two different worlds but both are
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