How Does The Googol Create A Sense For Eternity In Heaven

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Eternity in heaven, scary thought Thinking about eternity after death can be very scary indeed while we all want to live in peace and joy forever after we die; the very unimaginable idea of everlasting eternity is daunting to our mortal understanding. How would we occupy ourselves, for eternity, would one not become mind-blowingly board with our heavenly friends in a place of never-ending, eternal happiness and peace, without any challenges after billions of years would become unpleasant like eating barrels of ice-cream. Try to think the moment you die, you must go to a very new and strange place full of strangers no matter how pleasant they are. If God is going to wipe away every tear and supply all our needs, what then is left for…show more content…
In fact, eternity does not have a beginning either. Although of course, as we think we have explained so far, it would not actually take an eternity, it would just feel that way. For eternity is an incomprehensibly long time. It boggles the mind how one could even start to explain to someone how utterly and totally mind numbingly long eternity it simply goes on forever and ever, without ever ending A very much smaller unit of is the googol year, One ‘googol’ year, is how much? 10 to the power of a 100 As an example Lets take a number smaller number than googol years say 100,000,000,000 or in other words a hundred billion years, compress them billion, billion , billion, billion , billion , billion , billion , billion, billion , billion , billion, billion, billion times so that they fit into the thickness of a single dollar bill a billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion times over, and one-googol years would give still give you a pile of money that reaches one hundred quadrillions, quadrillion, quadrillion, quadrillion, light years high. It would not even fit into a universe a billion, billion, billion, and times larger than our own immense
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