How Does The Government Affect Us As Canada Citizens

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The federal government has done so, very much to help our beautiful country of Canada. They have given us rights and freedoms, safety and security and most of all a great country to live in. But I am not here to tell you how supposedly great the government is; I am here to inform you on how the government’s actions have affected us as Canadian citizens.

Canada’s government was founded in 1867 under the Constitution Act. From then until now, has the government improved our land, or slowly destroyed it?

Over the years, each different leader, and each different party have dealt with, debt, drought and poverty, therefore, the government may be sinking us into a deep, dark hole of problems and concerns.

Back in 1969, Pierre Trudeau, had Canada in a good place with a deficit of only $677m, until in a matter of about a year, there was a deficit of $10.9b. That is a crazy …show more content…

It most definitely does. They are responsible for our military and justice systems. Under bill c-10 so many more prisoners are going to jail, and for longer periods of time. All that money that is spent on those prisoners is taken from citizen’s taxes. Money spent on one prisoner can vary from $50,000 to more than $80,000, more than what is spent on one student in Canada. Harsher punishments were also set for younger criminals, which affects my generation greatly. These prisons are holding so many people, and many more are being thrown in jail, that we need more jails; more money. At the prisons, young criminal offenders are not being taught how to be good citizens, they are taught how to be better criminals. If this continues, what will happen to this generation? Our next generation, or even the next, next generation? Could the government drive our peaceful country to go crazy?

In conclusion, the government should not be trusted, not just with our money, safety and education, but with our future children, and their children’s

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