How Does The Number Of Words Affect Alice's Cat

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Summary. The beginning of the story takes place with Alice sitting with her sister when she sees a rabbit go by. This rabbit has a waistcoat and a watch which makes Alice curious and inclined to follow this rabbit. As she decides to follow him Alice falls for a long time down through a hole into a world that she has never been to before which changes her fate forever. Through a peephole in a door she sees a beautiful garden and a key sitting on the table, but shes too large to fit through the door . In order to solve this problem she drinks a potion that allows her to shrink down and fit through the door only to realize she's too small to reach the key left on the table. Then she decides that she's too small, so Alice eats a piece of cake which makes her become quite large. As she becomes larger and larger Alice begins to cry and create her own pool of tears. In the pool of tears Alice created she is swept away …show more content…

This causes the mouse to feel threatened and she loses one of her first friends that she's was able to make in this strange new place. Also when Alice goes into the forest and meets the queen she quickly realizes that her words and action can affect her fate. Anyone who does something the queen dislikes she is quick to shut them down and behead them. Such as when the gardeners didn't originally make the roses red she has no mercy and sentences them to death. That shows how simple words or actions can determine your fate and your quality of life. Kind words and doing the right thing when asked to do something results in a positive life. Though everyone must embark on uncomfortable or upsetting things to cause them to see why its important to be kind in a first hand

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