How Does The Outsiders Affect Ponyboy's Life

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As timely now as it was written 48 years ago, “The Outsiders” is a dramatic and enduring work of fiction written by S.E Hinton. Books such as “The Outsiders” have the power to affect readers’ lives and stay with them forever. Ponyboy’s life was not easy, he had it tough and he is very aware of that. But he finds ways to make it work. I really liked this book because it was like a “Blast in the past” sorta thing because we are reading a book about a 14 year old in the mid 60s, and he is talking about the issues he has and the differences between the two groups the Socs and the Greasers,we get a rare glimpse of a boy 's life in the 60s and we get to read a unique piece of literature which we can’t find nowhere else. My favorite

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