How Does The Raven Affect Poe

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January 19, 1809, Edgar Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Elizabeth Arnold Poe and David Poe Jr. both professional actors. By 1811, Edgar’s father abandoned the family leaving his former wife Elizabeth with two year old Edgar, his eldest brother Henry and his infant sister Rosalie. But things were about to take a tragic turn, on December 8, 1811, Edgars mother passed away from tuberculosis while Edgar was at the tender age of two, soon after his father David passed away from tuberculosis as well. The three Poe children were then separated, Henry went to live with his biological grandparents, and Rosalie was adopted by the Mackenzie family. Edgar on the other hand, was adopted by John and Frances Allan, a well rewound Richmond couple…show more content…
He was pronounced the father of the detective genre of fiction. His works influenced literature around the world he has also published many numbers of articles some more successful than others during his life time. Poe was mostly recognized as a literary critic meaning he made many evaluations, analysis and interpretations of literary works. In Poe’s most powerful poem The Raven, Poe repeats the word nevermore and nothing more to create a sort of melancholy tone to the poem. The use of these words portrays how sad and lonely the narrator was after mourning the death of his love one. When Poe’s biological parents passed away, he was too young to be truly affected by their deaths, but as he grew older and realized that his father abandoned his family he then realized that it shaped his outlook on life. So when he wrote The Raven he was giving the readers a piece of himself allowing them to get a glimpse of his life. Poe also uses symbolic meanings that would sometimes be contrasted form their literal meanings. For example, Ravens often times represented death or sadness, but in the novel when the raven kept the word “nevermore” it was thought to be demonic due to how the raven would answer the narrator
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