How Does Tino Affect Paul

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Because of the actions and choices Tino makes the consequences have positive and negative effects on Paul. First and foremost, Edward Bloor says, “…they put us in the vandalism jail.” “My stomach suddenly knotted.” (Bloor107). This has a negative effect on Paul in as much as he feels as though Tino is going to blame him. Next Paul said, “He wouldn’t talk to me, or even look at me.” (Bloor206). Like the first quote, Tino’s actions have a negative defect on Paul seeing that Paul thinks that Tino blames him and thinks that he, Paul, is like his brother Erik. Lastly Tino says, “There ain’t no lyin’ down on my crew. You got that?” (Bloor219). Here Tino is treating Paul like a friend which has a positive effect on Paul on the grounds that Paul thought that Tino would never forgive him for Erik’s previously…show more content…
In the second paragraph it states, irrational and reckless choices and actions, this is true owing to Tino’s actions made Paul feel sad and fearful. Throughout the book the consequences of Tino’s actions and choices, positive or negative, haunted Paul and affected Paul’s future decisions. I predict that if Tino had not made those decisions Paul would not be in the place that he is in now. In the third paragraph it says, Dire time made Tino make rash and unfair choices and actions that had positive and negative consequences on Paul. This is also true by cause of the choices Tino made were rash and unfair in the way that he hurt Paul very deeply. Finally, in the fourth paragraph it reads as, some important and critical actions and choices made by Tino had positive and negative consequences on Paul. They were important and critical choices for the reason that the result of those actions was incredibly positive and fixed the broken relationship between Paul and Tino. Thus you can see Tino’s actions had consequences that affected Paul in many ways, leading toward his choices in the
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