How Does Titanic Affect The Future

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Titanic affected the future a lot. Titanic did not have enough safety on there ship. Little did they know this would affect the future a lot. The sinking of Titanic affected the ships by adding more safety features, adding more lifeboat drills to newer ships, ensuring that ships always have their radios on.
Since Titanic radioed to some ships, one didn 't have its radio on, so it made them aware that ships must have their radio on all times. Ships must always have their radios on, because if they don 't a ship could sink. Then they would not be able to help. It will help ships be detected at all times. This will help, because the ocean is very large. That way multiple ships can get the radio call if a ship is sinking. Since ships did not have their radios on, it really affected history. It caused a whole big law to get passed to make things more safer. If you don 't have a radio on it will affect a lot if you miss a distress.

Many people died, because there wasn 't enough lifeboats. Titanic only had twenty lifeboats. That is not enough for over 2,000 people. Each lifeboat could only hold 40 to 60 people. The Titanic
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Since Titanic didn 't have the correct safety features, it affected ship companies, and made it so the sea needed to be watched more. The White Star Line, and other ship companies were affected. It would cost a lot of money to add more safety features. All shipbuilding companies had to establish new safety regulations during the construction of a boat costing them months of work. Ships at sea at the time before the news reached out had to make more plans just encase. That made it a very scary time to be out at sea. Ice patrol studies and observers watched the North Atlantic frequently to keep track of where ice fields and nearby ships are.

In conclusion Titanic affected the future a lot. Titanic did not have the correct safety features. Many lives were lost due to small amounts of lifeboats. Other ships did not have their radios on affecting
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