How Does Toni Morrison Use Memory In Beloved

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the name of memory by Clarence Major who was talking about the magical lyrics in the book and the memory in the book Beloved by Toni Morrison. where he talks about how one day there is a women that just appeared from the water with her clothes on and just gets in the lives of Sethe, Denver, and Paul D, and how that there is kind belonging in an unbroken, passionate, blood-tied way to Sethe. and that kind of shapes something in the memory of Sethe Daughter that was killed by Sethe, Beloved. Beloved by Toni Morrison is a book about how slavery life is really harsh that made Sethe kill her children for her not wanting them to live the same slavery life, and the life of always being on the run. but later on in the book a random women just comes…show more content…
in this case Toni Morrison’s book Beloved has a really big part that has to do with Memory. Sethe is one of the important characters in the book that struggle with her memories and the past. Sethe is compelled to explore her past, the pain the loss she had to deal with. especially her daughter beloved, which later on in the book Beloved actually becomes a physical memory, but its all tied to the feelings and emotions of pain and loss of Sethe 's. Sethe couldn’t imagine the living of her children that she endured instead she had to live with the memories of the killing of her children, the memories of how her children could have been living right now with the pain she is going through. not like mr. Bowdoin who put his good memory in the yard of 124 instead she decides to live with these memories to protect her memories and her kids. but the memories however never go away but they keep coming back to her in 124 and sweet’s home and thats the pain of her memories. when Sethe Reunites with Beloved she is unwilling and unable to have the thught of Beloved’s place in her home and her mind. and the help from Denver to help Sethe to take care of Beloved. this is why memory plays a big part in Sethe’s mind that she can’t bear the thought of letting Beloved go and the thought of ever forgetting the crimes she…show more content…
Beloved’s memories contain the abandoning from her mother and how she wished these memories were false. in the book it talks about the memories of Beloved before arriving at 124 bluestone, but her memories are a little bit broken down and kind of blurry and that 's because she remembers being locked up in a closet all the time of her life. but a strong memory of her is her reaching for a women which signifies to the memory of Sethe leaving her which these memories are the cause of her being angry and sadness painted all over her due to the abandonment of Sethe to Beloved. but during the book her memories seem to be memories of other slaves due to the cause of her being locked up in the closet all her life. but it all comes back to her when she see mr. Bowdoin and remembers as he is the white man that was coming for her and once she saw Sethe rush to him reminded her even more of her mother’s abandonment, which makes her think that the past is reoccuring again which leads her to run away and escape the reality which makes her mind and thoughts to lapse and makes her think that someone is running after her even though he is
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