How Does Tranio Use Lucentio's Motive To Go To Padua

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1. Lucentio has come to Padua to be educated by getting to know other people. 2. Baptista Minola states “not to bestow my youngest daughter before I have a husband for the elder” stating that his less-desirable, older daughter has to marry someone before Bianca. 3. Katherine is harsh and undesirable, and Bianca has a sweet and loving reptation that makes boys interested. 4. The plan to more quickly win over and marry Bianca if for Hortensio to pretend to be a tutor in order to get closer to her and make her fall for him. 5. Tranio’s plan for Lucenio is for Lucentio to become Bianca’s tutor. The metamorphosis is reflected by him becoming a new person, Cambi, the latin tutor. 6.Petruchio’s motive to go to Padua is to find a rich wife. 7. Katherine
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