How Does Tv Violence Affect Children

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1. Introduction Today television plays a big role in many people’s life, especially for children. It is hard to imagine a world without television. Thanks to the development of technology, television is invented, and considered as a great medium that provokes imagination, encourages education, and entertains the children around the world. Television can also be a beefy influence in developing value systems and shaping behavior (Bee, 1998). Besides considering some benefits, some people believe that this telecommunication medium creates many problems to the kids. To attract the audiences, many movies and series have a tendency to contain more uncensored violent scenes. Numerous children spend too much time on watching television each day, and their parents cannot control what kind of TV shows or videos that their sons or daughters are watching. Research reveals that exposure to violent media can result in aggressive attitudes and violent behavior in some children (Dr. Gail Gross). This paper, with the aim of providing parents an overview …show more content…

Impacts of watching violent scenes to Children Does TV violence have a harmful effect on children? The violent scenes has a astonishingly negative effect such as cause violent and aggressive behavior among children, and make them become panic stricken to the outside world. TV programs are not all bad; however, data shows that the negative effects of disclosure to violence are powerful. First of all, aggressive behavior among children is caused by television violence. William Belson (1980) found the link between violence and television after doing a research with 1565 teenage boys in London. They were interviewed about their watching habits over ten years. The study revealed that a child saw someone being shot or killed on television is likely to be less caring, and sensitive towards other people. The more violent television programs these teenagers watched, the higher rate of aggression they would be affected (Adian

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