How Does Tv Violence Affect Society

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Television Violence

Television has had an enormous contribution on how the world has changed and how we perceive it. There are hundreds of channels and a vast variety of genres to choose from in just a click of a button; however what you choose can really have an effect on you. People believe that television violence has a negative effect on society because it promotes violence. No doubt, I can agree with what these people believe, that television violence does have an effect on society because people will become more vulnerable, children will become more liable and people will become more aggressive involuntarily.

Vulnerability is something that we should not show, as it is a sign of weakness. Becoming vulnerable is what we should prevent
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When an individual watches violent television shows the individual will subconsciously store violent events in their memory. The violent events the individual has in their memory will involuntarily occur when the individual becomes upset and the aggression becomes evident. I can relate this situation to my personal life. I remember watching my cousins playing FIFA 09 on their PS3 when I was a kid, I remembered my cousins always slide tackling and getting yellow and even red cards at times. After I continuously watched them play I think that the slide tackling was subconsciously stuck in my head because when I went to school the next week, at recess I would play soccer like I usually did. Strangely enough, this time I kept on slide tackling involuntarily. It got to the point where I hurt a kid slide tackling and got banned from playing on the soccer field. However, on a positive note since I was not allowed to play on the soccer field, I began to play basketball on the pavement and to this day basketball is still my favorite sport.

Overall, television violence has had a substantial negative effect on society and on you. If you are still not convinced, analyze children and how they mimic television shows or listen to people that talk about scary things they seen in movies happen in real life or note things that you do that resembles what you

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