Does Social Media Affect Our Behavior?

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Nowadays, social media has taken a huge place in our lives. It seems like people misunderstood the purpose of social media such as TV and computer. In reality, TV was brought up to inform and to entertain us. Unfortunately, the evolution of technology and people addiction to media come up with many consequences which I believe were not expected. People begin to learn violence and do harmful actions to each other because of inappropriate shows and games they watch on TV and video games. When I arrived in The United States, I noticed that some children were very aggressive. I tried to ask myself about what makes them so violent. By the time, I remarked that it was due images they watch on media and what they see on the street. However, it'll be selfish if we blame TV for our…show more content…
Our background and our personality can sometimes have more influence on our behavior than TV and background. First of all, violence images on TV and video games can whether or not have an impact on our behavior. People have different ways to react to what they see. According to my survey based on the question " Do violence images on TV and video games can affect our behavior?". People arguments were not similar and it seems like my interviewers were divided into two groups. Those who had the same point of views were together. On one hand, fifty percent asserted that the effect of violent images on media depends on the behavior of the person who watches it and his background as well. Let's take an example of a young boy who watches GTA which is a violent game, and who lives in a background where
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