How Does Violence Affect The Civil Rights Movement

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As our nation grows we become more violent people get killed everyday and no one can really control it. Violence since the 1960’s has almost tripled. As our country gets older the crime rate will keep increasing. There are a lot of people who don’t like violence, but there are also lots people who want violence and try to make it. Part of the reason there is so much violence is because our nation isn’t good at accepting others for who they are. As a society we need to accept others otherwise our society will be made up of violence and anger. Violence will never be fully fixed but as a country we can help limit the rate of it. The Civil Rights Movement was made up of violence and protest to help fix and problem that never should have happened. American in the 1960’s and earlier disliked African Americans greatly. Around 1954 African Americans wanted to make a change and be treated the same as whites. To do that they needed to protest. Whites definitely heard what they were saying and wanted African Americans to be just like them, but there were also some whites who created lots of violence and killed and hurt African Americans. Whites would even kill a powerful African leaders who were trying to make a change like African Americans. A lot of…show more content…
There wasn’t a good reason why society disliked African Americans so much and loved whites. I guess people thought of African Americans as violent scary people. Since I have been growing up if I see a African American I might get a little scared if they don’t look like they have money but I also do the same to whites. I think that they way African Americans were treated during the Civil Rights movement was horrendous. It was not fair that African Americans were the poor ones imagine if it was the other way around and white people were the poor ones how would the whites feel. That horrible feeling is how the African Americans felt and how some still

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