How Does W. Jacobs Create Suspense In The Monkey's Paw

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In the short story, “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs, one identified mood is suspenseful due to the consequences of the wishes made using the monkey’s paw. The day after Mr.White had wished for 200 pounds using the monkey’s paw, the family was still hung up on it, especially Mrs.White. When she received the mail she checked to see if the wish came true because she remembered the Sergeant saying the wish happens so naturally it almost seems like a coincidence. On page 35 it states, “All of which did not prevent her from scurrying to the door at the postman’s knock, nor prevent her from referring somewhat shortly to retired sergeant-majors of bibulous habits when she found that the post brought a tailor’s bill.” Mrs.White’s actions show that even though the wish was made last night they are still waiting for the 200 pounds to show up and they are paying attention, as it could happen any time, and randomly.…show more content…
Later in the story when the man comes to the White’s house with news about their son, Herbert, Mr and Mrs White are left hanging for a while until they find out officially that their son is dead. As written on page 36, “She broke off suddenly as the sinister meaning of the assurance dawned upon her and she saw the awful confirmation of her fears in the other’s perverted face...There was a long silence.”, after the moment of silence the visitor states how the son died because he was caught in the machinery. Mrs. White didn’t know at first that Herbert was dead for sure and neither did the readers which built up the suspense until the man said he was caught in the machinery. Lastly, Mrs.White had made Mr.White wish for Herbert alive again and ran down the stairs at the knock on the door assuming it was Herbert, although we never found out if he was initially there or not because Mrs.White couldn’t reach the
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