How Does Walt Disney Affect Society

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“All the adversity I 've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles have strengthened me. You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you” (Walt Disney). Walt Disney’s abusive childhood did not stop him in accomplishing the impossible. Walt Disney was a powerful figure who benefitted society through his imagination by teaching the youth to follow their dreams, providing entertainment for children and adults, and creating an abundant amount of inventions. Walt Disney was a man of imagination who greatly benefitted society. The man was very dedicated to his work. For example, “Steamboat Willie opened, becoming the most successful synchronized sound cartoon in history. The short was…show more content…
Steyn says, “He invented, in a word, synergy- or in another word, convergence. In the nineties and the oughts, the merger men at Sony and AOL Time Warner cooked up the labels and made a big hooha about it, but Walt had been doing decades ago. There are well known labels around the world but some people did not even realize Walt Disney was the first. He had his own label, Disney, even before he realized it. If he had not made his own label, other companies would not have anything to be influenced by. Without labels, people who want to live their dreams of making their own movies would get their chances decrease because they would not have a mentor to look up to. . Walt also added synchronized sound to his cartoons before anyone else had. When you turn on the television, sound is immediately heard. However, many people do not realize it was Walt Disney who discovered this was possible. His Steamboat Willie film with synchronized sounds was only the beginning. There used to be no sound at all which would most likely make it harder to understand what was going on. Sound on televisions allows people to act, sell products, and produce entertainment. Walt also created the world famous Mickey Mouse after he grew up with a pet mouse (Lenburg, “Perfect Fit”). One of his most known creations is Mickey Mouse. He is a figure who can be found on many…show more content…
For a one day pass to a Walt Disney World park, it costs ninety-seven dollars per person. Over the years, ninety seven dollars could definitely add up. Depending on how many times a family visits, many parents could complain about how expensive the theme park is. Nobody truly wants to spend nearly one hundred dollars for a day at Disney World, even if it is the happiest place on earth. Whether it is bank accounts running low or stressful bill paying, consequences must be made when planning a vacation. If one complains, they can blame the one and only, Walt Disney, and his work. However, the more days visited to the parks, the price lowers per ticket. For example, a one day ticket costs ninety seven dollars, a five day ticket costs sixty eight dollars per day, and a ten day ticket costs forty dollars per day. Walt always wanted his drawings to be recognized. As employees structured the cost of tickets, they helped his dream come true. With everyday a visit is made to a park, the cost lowers per day. On, a timeline is showing how prices decrease as days increase. Not only does Walt get to still live his dream from heaven, but children of today get the experience of visiting one of the most magical places on Earth. To conclude my statement, there are additional products and prices available for Florida residents (“Park Tickets”). An option could always be moving to

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