How Does Walter Change In A Raisin In The Sun

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In her play A Raisin in the Sun, author Lorraine Hansberry conveys that a change in character is essential in order to attain one’s dreams. Such changes can include a shift in perspective or personality. The most prominent difference is the altering of Walter’s perspective. Walter has always believed that the most valuable possession in life is money, hence why he is always requesting for funds to establish a liquor store. Walter considers success in life as having a good job with a steady income to support a loving family. Although he desires that success, Walter is forced to decide between residing in the new house or selling it to acquire more money than the originally selling price. In addition to the pressure dumped on him, Travis…show more content…
In addition, Walter chooses the word “we”, proving that he is not acting upon his choice alone but the choice of the family. Most importantly, Walter rejects the temptation of money which he used to accept without fail. Despite his doubts, Travis’ presence pushes Walter into the direction of change because he reminds Walter of his true objective, an affectionate family and his child’s bright future. Like Walter, Asagai changes perspective-wise as well. During Asagai’s trip to Africa, he reconnects with his origins and realizes the terrible state Africa is in compared to his position in America. Asagai expresses that, “In my village at home it is the exceptional man who can even read a newspaper…But I will teach and work and things will happen, slowly and swiftly,” which reveals his determination to succeed no matter how long it takes. Before his visit to Africa, Asagai has never experienced the poor situation there. By taking the trip, he views the world through a different set of eyes. The condition of Asagai’s community
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