How Does Walter Lie

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Despite many of the family members and other townspeople who undeniably claimed that Walter could not have committed this crime because he was with them the entire day, the police refused to accept these alibis. Bryan met with many of his family members and these concerned community citizens, willing to answer any questions they had about the trial processes, in hopes to soothe their worries and fears. He was beginning to spend more time with Walter and appreciated this time spent, as it provided a brief distraction from the stressful realities of the case. One man eventually came forward claiming that witness, Bill Hook’s statement that he had seen Walter’s car was in fact a lie because they had been working together all that day. This man, Darnell, was then arrested for what the state claimed…show more content…
This is not only frustrating for Walter, but also for Bryan because I am sure that it may often seem like all his hard work is for nothing, especially since he is mostly doing it for free. I also find fault with the idea that Walter needed to admit his wrongdoings, “especially with women” because his past is irrelevant to this specific case, as he is completely innocent. Everyone makes mistakes but it is because of his unjust situation that he is forced to recognize them, as if this will get him any closer to justice and freedom. Even if Walter had lived a life of crime and immoral behavior, it would still be irrelevant as he still did not commit this crime, and therefore, was not worthy of being locked away and sentenced to death, while the real murderer was freely walking the streets. This only perpetuates the fear and stereotypical idealizations mainstream society has as black men as dangerous, and inherently
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