How Does War Affect Society

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War Affected Human Society and Human Society Affected War War is an insecure situation that happens between the armed conflicts of the countries; war involves many aggressions, slaughters, and devastations. From the ancient time until nowadays, the authorized rulers involved in conflicts for their own advantageous, including taking over the territories, forcing residences to obey the rules, protecting their reputations, and being famous. Sometimes, war affected the expansion of military and the boost of economy or politics. For example, The World War Two (1939-1945) had positive impact for United States because the fight helped US to get out of the Great Depression and increase its economy. On the other hand, human society, culture, and military technology affected war. Usually, the powerful leaders who had higher prestige in government used new military technologies in order to get victory during the wars. Many leaders trying to release peace and limits the violence in society. War has effects on shaping ideal society by setting hard rules for residence and making strong civilization for wars not good life style. On the way round, society has effects on war in the way of reducing violence and stopping war in order to maintain peace.
Body Paragraph 1: This points talks about the important ways of war in shaping ideal society and culture. Based on some historians ' sources, it is shown that some of the leaders ' hard efforts were to establish and rule the
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