How Does Welfare Increase Poverty?

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Socioeconomic Structures
Explain how various socio economic conditions (e.g.,international competition, prejudice, unfavourable economic conditions, military occupation/rule) operate to increase poverty
How does Welfare increase poverty?

The United States Federal Government spent over $477 billion on over 50 different programs to fight poverty.

That money does not count for welfare spending by state and local governments.

Despite America’s effort there are still around 37 million Americans that live in Poverty

America has spent over a trillion dollars since Lyndon Johnson declared War on Poverty in 1964.

The poverty rate is perilously close to where started in 1964

Since 1996, 2.5 million families have left welfare programs, a
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Studies have shown that private charities are far more effective than government welfare programs.

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How does Prejudice increases poverty

According to Leeda Jewayni one out of the five causes of poverty is prejudice

In the united States Of America a person’s skin color or religion can play a huge role in the way she or he is treated in society.

Prejudice leads to people not getting the same opportunities and benefits as the rest of the country

Because of this education and income levels are usually lower

An Example of this is the apartheid in South Africa

The white class was more advantageous of the Black class and received more advantages and rights than black
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