How Does Wernicke's Aphasia Affect The Human Brain

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The human brain is a complex structure, it is so complex, doctors and medical specialist spend over 6 years of schooling just to know the basis. To date there have not been any successful brain transplant nor have there been any case of people living without a brain. The importance of the brain no deniable, but the brain is considered to be part of the central nervous system. The brain is divided into four lobes, within the temporal lobe of the brain; the Wernicke’s area can be located. Wernick 's area has one major purpose, disease and malfunctions that will reduce of ability to work to it full capacity.
Understanding the various languages that is present in the world does not only require learning but a healthy Wernicke’s’ area. Wernicke’s
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According to national aphasia associations, Wernick 's aphasia is when the “ability to grasp the meaning of spoken words and sentences is impaired; while the ease of producing connected speech is not very affected”. Any disease that affects the human ability to hear or see will affect the Wernicke’s area. Wernicke’s aphasia is can be an isolated disease that has not connection or interference for any other organs or area of the brain. Wernicke’s aphasia can also be caused by any damage to Wernicke’s area, such as head injury, brain tumors, stroke, developmental disabilities, infections, dementia, loss of hearing or sight.
The major cause of Wernicke’s area malfunctioning is a stroke as a of the lack of blood sugar to the brain. The Wernick are way discovered by a German surgeon thus the name Wernick area. It is quite easy to confuse the functions of Wernick area with that of the Broca’s area. The brain structures are connected; all the structures help each other to meet their potential. Looking at the picture of the brain the Wernicke’s area is located in the middle of the head. Relatively close the ears, it is fascinating how must the Wernicke’s area can control and affect the quality of human’s

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