How Does Wiesel And Pi Survive In An Extreme Environment

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“The Story of Keesh” and the “Life of Pi”, both discuss having to survive in an extreme environment. How do Keesh and Pi survive in an extreme environment? To begin with, Keesh and Pi both endured extreme weather environments. First, Keesh was in the winter and darkness. The evidence to support this “when the north gales make their long sweep across the ice pack, and the air is filled with flying white”(pg.61). The environment Pi faced was in the Pacific Ocean and the evidence is when Pi was alone and orphaned, in the middle of the pacific, hanging on to the oar(pg.79). The similarities is their both stranded Keesh is in the woods and Pi is in the pacific ocean and they also don’t have a lot of food to eat. Some differences are Pi is alone…show more content…
In the Life of Pi the environment was raining and my evidence is only rain, marauding waves of black ocean and the flotsam of tragedy. The similarities are is that they 're both really dangerous environment because Keesh has to wrestle with a bear and Pi has to be on the boat when it’s really wavy and raining a lot and a tiger was still their. The differences are Keesh has people that can help him and Pi doesn’t have anyone to help him. As a result Keesh’s environment is a habitat with polar bears is dangerous and the evidence that supports this is Keesh fought a mother polar bear with two cubs without any weapons. Also, Pi has to live in a scary environment and my evidence that supports this is he has to live with a 350- pound tiger and he can barely go on the boat because the tiger knows when he is on the boat. The similarities are there both dangerous because has to fight with a mother polar bear and two cubs and Pi can’t really go on the boat because the tiger is always there or the tiger sometimes is watching him. The differences are that Pi has two fight with a lot of bears and Pi has to face with a hungry tiger. In conclusion, Keesh and Pi have to survive in an extreme environment. They both have to survive by using their resources and they both do. That 's how they have
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