How Does Wiesel Lose Faith In Night

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Night by Wiesel was written to ensure the horror and cruelty work of Hitler. Throughout his novel, we saw how many people lost the faith in God during their lives in the concentration camp. Wiesel was one of the victims who survived during World War II. Wiesel loses his faith in God during the Holocaust because of the horrible things that happen to him. Wiesel lost faith in God when the German arrived. In his memoir, he began by describing his fear in God. But his lack of faith appearers when they informed them to move. Weisel addresses this by saying, “why do you weep when you pray?... The question had never entered my head. I wept because of something inside me that felt the need for tears”. Based on Wiesel’s response, it showed the level of his faith toward God. He was a very religious boy who cried to God by praying day by day. His faith was even stronger that most of the Jews in his area. When the Hungarian police came to force all the Jews to move them to the ghettos, it pulled him away from his prayer. He indicated this by stating, “Never shall I forget that night… Never shall I forgot that nocturnal silence which denied me, for all eternity, of the desire to live. Never shall I forget the moment which murdered my God…show more content…
One of these literary devices is symbolism which help show the declining of his faith. He described his loss of faith by stating that, “behind me, I hear the same man asking: For God’s sake, where is God? And from within me, I hear a voice answer: Where he is? This is where hanging here from this gallows (pg 65)’’. Wiesel lost his faith when he saw the SS police hang the innocent children like animals making them suffer for a couple of minutes and making the Jewish people watch them suffer to death from pain and anguish.Which played a negative role on Wiesel’s life and the others who
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