How Does William Golding Use Symbols In Lord Of The Flies

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Objects and people can be symbols and can have alternate meanings for other things. In lord of the flies, william golding is able to use symbolism in many ways to express an underlying message to the reader. Symbolism can be seen in many objects throughout the book some including piggy 's glasses, the conch, and the fire. Throughout the story, these symbols are used to explain the underlying message to the reader and are used as tools to show how the boys are slowly changing from being civil to being savages. After being trapped on an island, many things are needed in order for them to survive, and some of these things become symbols of their survival. Without the use of symbols the interpretation of the story could be altered and be taken in…show more content…
One of the symbols that have a major effect of the story are Piggy’s glasses. Throughout the story, the glasses are shown as the symbol for knowledge and wisdom. This symbol is significant within the story because whenever a decision must be made or the kids need a reality check, it is represented by Piggy cleaning and placing his glasses on his face. “Piggy put on his glasses and said that nobody knew that they were on the island”(34). As a reality check, after placing the glasses on his face, Piggy shows the boys the hard truth which is that no one know that they are on the island and that they are stuck. The glasses being place on his face shows that Piggy understand the situation and is trying to explain the knowledge that he has about it even though no one will listen, which in turn eventually leads to the change that occurs with the glasses. “His specs, use them as burning glasses!”(40). Very shortly after Piggy gives the boys a reality check with his glasses on, he is assaulted, and has his glasses used for alternative reasons. This shows a change in the interpretation of the glasses because when the boys take the glasses, they disregard that not only are the glasses a symbol of knowledge, Piggy needs them to see. The glasses are then used as a tool for destruction, they use it to create a fire. The change from a symbol of knowledge to a tool of destruction shows how the boys also change from civil to…show more content…
When the boys realized that they were trapped, their first plan was to start a signal fire and hope for rescure. The fire becomes a symbol of hope on an island that has nothing to offer. “If a ship comes near, tey might not notice us, so we must make a fire”(38). The boys realize how important the fire is because it is their only symbol of hope. The fire becomes the symbol of hope because before the fire, they only knew what piggy had to say which was that they had no chance of rescue. The fire is the symbol of hope, but over the course of the book, it also becomes their worst nightmare. “They ad smoked him out and set the island on fire”(197). After using the fire as a symbol of hope, by the end of the book, the fire is used as a weapon when chasing and trying to kill Ralph. This change over the course of the book suggest that fire is no longer a sign of hope, but as a weapon of destruction and terror. However, the little hope that comes with fire remained and helped them in the
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