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Stance is put over standards, as passion is put over purpose and lust over love. Since the 1950s the roles of women have drastically changed. The topic of women engaging in the workplace and society rather than home brings some arguments about our society. While some say these shifts have contributed to the downfall of america others believe the change has made our society stronger. Changing roles in women have been detrimental to our society because competition is put over compassion. Research supports the claim that modern roles of women is non beneficial to our society. According to Dr.Daudi FRID of english and civilization “women proves that her efficiency in the society is equal to man throughout her role in all fields…” Worldwide women are labeled as protectors of love, emotions, and their families. This evidence shows…show more content…
era. According to Cleopatra; well known and public figure contributed to this negative affect on society today. The website article states “First affair with Julius Caesar bored him a son. After his death Cleopatra took another lover and husband by the name Marc Anthony, the love affair produced three children but didn 't safeguard her kingdom as she hoped. The events above show women would use their bodies to bore children as a loving mother would but not to protect and love their families, to protect and love what is desired. In cleo’s case her power and land. Harriette Wilson also adds on to this delima. “She wrote a memoir and blackmailed former lovers...using her illicit history as leverage to generate an income, showing just how powerless men of the nation could be.” Instead of women getting into a higher position by earning it they are competing with men for it by blackmailing and sexually influencing that men aren 't the only powerful ones. Compassion is gone for their mates and children then taken by

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