Argument-Proactive Thinking

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Your Thinking Affects Your Finances, and Your Life Not only are proactively positive thoughts important to acquiring your success, but your success cannot exist without them. Consider Webster's definition of success: 'a desired or favorable outcome'. All outcomes are determined by actions, actions require decisions to act, and decisions are merely decisive thoughts. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the thoughts that dominate your mind will dictate the actions you take, and the results you generate. Your mind never stops forming tomorrow's reality. As estimated, a human being has over 60,000 different thoughts a day. Many of those thoughts are contemplations, hopes, wants, and fears of tomorrow. No matter the type, every future based…show more content…
They are thoughts of what you want in the future. 2) undesirable/future quadrant-these are negatively charged--proactive thoughts. They are thoughts of what you do not want, or want to avoid in the future. 3) desirable/past quadrant-these are positively charged--reactive thoughts. They are thoughts of what you liked, or enjoyed in the past. 4) undesirable/past quadrant-these are negatively charged--reactive thoughts. They are thoughts of what you did not like in the past. Each quadrant has productive uses; however, thoughts that fall into the 'desirable/future' quadrant should dominate your mind most of the time. Past quadrants, and negative quadrants are essential to your learning and growth. Past and negative quadrants contain the thoughts in which you learn what you should not do again, how become more effective, and re-writing goals. Negatively charged thoughts will attract negative emotions, and expectations. Reactive thoughts dwell on the past, and are very unlikely to breed thoughts that can help you in the future. Proactively positive thoughts bring positive emotions, confidence, energy, and creative ideas for accomplishing your financial…show more content…
To illustrate my point, let's talk about NFL football, MLB baseball, and light bulbs. Though these subjects have little in common, the people associated to them do. NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino-considered one of the best quarterbacks to ever play football-Set 31 passing records in his career; many of those records still stand today. He is also 8th on the all-time most interceptions thrown list. It is also interesting to note that less than one in every one thousand Major League baseball players in history had finished a season above a.400 season batting average. A player with a.400 batting average would have failed 60% of their at-bats at the plate, yet he would be a considered legend of the game. Furthermore, It is said that Thomas Edison failed to invent the incandescent light bulb over 10,000 times. When asked how he persevered through so much failure, he replied "I have never failed; I simply found 10,000 ways not to invent the light bulb." Obviously, they all learned from their past challenges, but they chose to live in the 'desirable/ future'

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