How Does Youth Culture Affect Us Today

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Youth Cultures
Choice of subject
I choose Youth Culture as my subject, because I think it’s interesting. I’m a teenager, and I’m a part of the youth culture today. I think it could be interesting to learn more about the Youth Culture in the past, and how it has effected us today.
It all started in America back in 1950. Before the second world war wasn’t there such thing as teenager. The children went from childhood to adulthood. Back in 1950’s Books, TV shows and music was about and for teenager became a big hit. The children started to hang out after school. They went to parties, started smoking, drinking alcohol, and make sexual activities.
The young people was not visible in the society, and wanted to voice their opinions, and they became more confidence. They turned their backs on the Norms, and to the expectations their parent’s generations had.
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It all started back in 1970’s were it started as a underground subculture, in the poor black/latino communities. They were separated into different groups: Rap, dJing, breakdance, and graffiti. Hip-Hop has had an impact in young people and their music and cloth.

Todays youth are effected a lot by Social Networks and reality shows. Especially the social Media Facebook are an important part of the youth today. Some people are saying it’s a second nature to most young people. People are connecting with each other on Facebook, and todays news are also readable on Facebook. People all over the world can connect with each other trough Facebook.

Reality shows got popular in the 2000’s. The American TV Series Rescue 911 aired on national television, and it was one of the first TV series that introduced us to reality shows. Later on the first Danish reality show Robinson Ekspiditionen. Not only reality shows became a hit for the youth in the TV. Documentary-style shows like The real housewives, and The Hills, became a part of the young people

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