How Does Zindel Present John In The Pigman

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The Pigman by Paul Zindel is about two sophomore friends, John, and Lorraine. John and Lorraine are very different, such as Lorraine is despiteful of smoking and drinking but it is one of John’s avocation. John’s life at home is atrocious. John has a rocky relationship with his parents and constantly telling prevarications to them. Lorraine’s life at home is mortifying for her, as a result of her mom pointing out flaws of her. One day, John, Lorraine, and their two friends, Norton and Dennis decide to play a game of pranking calling random numbers and trying to stay on the line the longest. It is clear that Dennis shows proficiency in the game by holding the record for the longest time on the phone. When it is John and Lorraine’s turn, they…show more content…
Pignati meet at the zoo. The group walks around various areas, such as the nocturnal room. Then Mr. Pignati shows John and Lorraine his best friend, a baboon named Bobo. Mr. Pignati is very friendly to Bobo and feeds him a lot of peanuts. John and Lorraine spend lots of time with Mr. Pignati and eventually becomes great friends with him. When John and Lorraine became great friends with Mr. Pignati, they tell him they aren’t charity workers. Mr. Pignati replies by admitting his wife is dead, after saying before she was in California on a trip. Later the three of them go to the zoo again. When they get to the zoo they, find out Bobo is not eating and doing well. When they return to Mr. Pignati’s home, John and Lorraine cheer him up. The trio eats chocolate-covered ants and plays tag on roller skates that Mr. Pignati bought them. Further along, they were skating around when Mr. Pignati was chasing John up the steps when suddenly he falls down the steps and has a heart attack. John and Lorraine were in a predicament but eventually, call 911. John and Lorraine skip school and go to the hospital disguised as Mr. Pignati's children. Fortunately, Mr. Pignati is fine but has to stay at the hospital for a couple of days, leaving John and Lorraine with his house alone. The following night, John and Lorraine dress up in Mr. Pignati and his wife’s clothes, and then up kissing before having a lovely spaghetti…show more content…
All of a sudden, antagonistic Norton shows up uninvited, acting in infantile manners, and starts breaking Mr. Pignati’s meaningful pig collection. Mr. Pignati comes home that night, disappointed in what he sees. The police come and drive John and Lorraine home to their parents. A day later, John and Lorraine call Mr. Pignati guilty about what happen. The two of them try to talk to him, but he just stays silent. John and Lorraine plead for forgiveness, but Mr. Pignati doesn’t reply. Eventually, Mr. Pignati agrees to go to the zoo with them. When the three of them get to the zoo, they find out from an employee, being an ingrate, that Bobo has died. The employee says many ignorant things about Bobo, such as he left putrid smells. Trembling, Mr. Pignati falls to the ground. Unfortunately, John checks for a pulse but shocked when there is not one. John and Lorraine, filled with guilt, believe they are the ones responsible for Mr. Pignati’s
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