How Drugs Affect The Human Body Essay

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To what extent do drugs affect the human body?

There are good and bad ways for people to deal with pressure and one of the bad ways is by taking illegal drugs. Drugs have been part of the human culture since the middle of 20th century. An investigation tells us that approximately 208 million people worldwide consume illegal drugs. Different types of drug affect our body in a number of ways. Depending on the drug, it can enter the human body by injection, inhalation and ingestion. How it impacts the body depends on how it enters the human body. While some of the physical effects of drugs sound nice but they do not last long. Afterwards people will get depressed and lonely or maybe even worse. We can define someone who has been affected by drugs, directly and indirectly. Also, it is common for people who use drugs to have the appearance of getting red eyes, sweat a lot, stink and normally they do not care about it. The purpose of this argument is to study why people want to take illegal drugs. People have their own perspective and for the people who have taken it, although they might have known that it is illegal, still they wanted to. We make our own decision and for them they have their own reasons. Maybe it is because of their family issues or they want to try it for fun etc. Study this can improve our knowledge
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The class into which a drug is placed gives different levels of penalty for an offence involving illegal drugs; For example, Class A gives the maximum penalty as it is considered the most serious harm to human and the environment. The drugs are given different nickname because the policeman would then find it tough to understand while criminals are having a conversation. To learn the information about each type of drug, then we get to know what it looks like and how it affects the
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