How Edward Said Explicated The Predicament Of Exile In The Twentieth Century

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Title: A critical study: How Edward Said explicated the predicament of Exile through the works of 20th century novelists.
The Twentieth century can be considered as a highway in which several ideas, attitudes, and opinions in arts, history, politics, and literature exchanging each other. Thinkers and scholars of that period gave birth to their new ideas which some of these thoughts were the way for a great change in the world. Some of them added something to the old thoughts and theories and created new ideas or assumptions, which no one had thought about it before.
In the twentieth-century, there was a part of which its roots in migration, diasporic, and exile conditions. Therefore, it referred to that the discourse of modern human in the twentieth century had been mainly written, read, and studied through a migrant, diasporic, or exile and that all be through postcolonial perspective.
The significant theme in postcolonial theory, which is discussed in several fields such as literature, politics, and history by writers, is the theme of exile. The mind and imagination of many of these writers have engaged by the concept of exile because most of them have experienced it by leaving their homeland voluntary or in voluntary, the reason that they could not adapt to political issues of the time or dissatisfied from their own homeland. My work will divide into two parts; I will investigate the origin of the concept of exile in history in the first part as
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