How Effective Was The Spanish Conquest Of The Maya Indians?

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essie Sisavat Professor Duarte History 40 September 21, 2015 Reaction One 1. How effective or not was the Spanish conquest of the Maya Indians and why? Explain. The Spanish conquest on the Mayans was a significant event during the 1500’s. The Spanish conquest brought their military equipment’s that was no match for the Mayan Indians. As the conquest continued to expand throughout Central America there was little unity among other tribes beside the Mayan empire. The reason for this is because they believe that the Spanish were much inferior to their own beliefs and ancestry. The Spanish created a management or governing system which they were to divide the Mayan population into separated groups. For the Spanish to become successful they…show more content…
They’re strong warriors that would fight against the Spanish conquest; however their civilization had been in decline before the start of the Spanish arrival. There Mayan Empire was already crumbling and divided which made it easier for the Spanish conquest to take over the Mayan territories. I believe that the Spanish conquest was quite effective because they achieve their goal of establishing territorial gains. The Spanish also demolished one of earliest civilization in history. In the book it mentions that the Maya knew not to go against the Spanish Masters because their military was much stronger than the Mayan warriors. There were very much loss with the Mayan Empire because of the conquest itself. Moreover the Mayans were captured as slaves and sold by the Spaniards for trade and economic purposes. As the Mayan Empire fell there were other tribal groups that would want to seek alliance with the Spaniards. In doing so, the Spaniards allow close relation to those Indians that want bilateral relation. While sharing allegiance with one another the Spaniards continue their conquest by expanding their influence by spreading religion, beliefs, social structure, political powers and harvesting
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