How English 095 Changed My Life Analysis

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How English 095 Changed My Life Some college classes can be boring for students, but some students might get lucky and have a class that is life changing. During the spring 2016 semester at Wilmington University, I took a class that was life changing and it made me think about what I wanted to do with my future. I took English 095 as a requirement for my communications degree. As I sit back and reflect on my experience in English 095, I am grinning just thinking about how the class has made me think about my future careers. English 095 made me realize that I enjoy English, and I want to maybe teach English someday. I enjoyed learning everything that my teacher taught me in English 095. We reviewed grammar during the first couple weeks of class. Honestly,…show more content…
I believe many students have trouble summarizing a piece of writing because it seems intimidating to summarize a full page into five to seven sentences. I had a lot of trouble summarizing a piece of writing until I learned a few simple steps from my English 095 teacher. It would be amazing to help students learn how to write good summaries and watch their writing improve throughout the year. My favorite thing we did in class is when we were writing narrative essays. I loved learning how to write a narrative and procedural essay. My teacher explained how to complete a narrative, and procedural essay clearly. I would love to use some of her teaching methods someday. It 's an amazing feeling to be able to write about an experience that altered your life. If I teach English someday, I want my students to learn how to express themselves when they write. It would be exciting to be able to sit down and read my students papers. After we constructed our essays, we had to complete a peer review activity. I enjoyed helping people look over their essays and give them suggestions on how they could improve their essays. The peer review activity made me open my eyes and see that I enjoy helping
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