How Entertainment Ruins Society

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I agree that entertainment has the capacity to ruin society. Entertainment is everywhere, and there are millions of people around the world every day who are influenced by entertainment. There are commercials and shows on TV, lots of music, radio commercials, comedians and actors, and video games, as well as many more forms of entertainment that reach millions of people daily. Wherever you look, there are bound to be people immersed in some form on entertainment, whether that be games on their cell phone, radio, or music. Since we are so reliant on entertainment to distract and captivate us, it is a reasonable statement to say that entertainment could run, and possibly ruin, society. There are multiple reasons for this to happen, such as having bad role models, spending too much money, and teaching…show more content…
Some of the things in commercials could be useful and fun; for example, a birdhouse that sticks to your window in which you can see inside of. Although it may not be the most practical thing, it is a good experience for children to watch how birds live and build nests. Although a few commercial products could have benefits, many are useless items that will never be used. People that have trouble budgeting and controlling themselves would be more and more influenced to buy these useless items, and end up spending lots of money on products that they don’t even really want. This same philosophy goes for other forms of entertainment as well, such as buying many new CD’s and DVD’s. People also like to visit amusement parks, such as Six Flags, where the prices can run at a minimum of $65 per day. These unnecessary purchases can add up fast, and somebody who doesn’t keep track of their spending could very soon be without any money to pay bills or necessities
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