How Environment Affect Children

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Children are like a plain paper who can be easily influenced by the environment of their living. The environment can affected the pattern of change in emotions, personality development and social relationship between people. In fact, the children purposely try to develop a better understanding of the environment and explore the world to fulfill their curiosity. At early stage, emotions are personally responses to the environment of surrounding, it can be pleasant or unpleasant that someone usually experienced cognitively, come along with some form of physiology arousal and usually expressed in some form of behavior or action which can be seen. There are primary and secondary emotions, primary emotions included fear, joy, disgust, surprise,…show more content…
Generally, every child has different onsets, intensities, and frequencies when they express their emotions. The frequency of children smile or laugh is determined by the conditions of the environment in which they are raised (Denham et al. as cited in Parke & Gauvain, 2009, p. 181). Parents play the most important role to help their children so that they can understand and control their emtions. For instance, parents may rewarding only some positive emotion expression. Conversely, they can also punishing their children to interfere the negative emotions expression of children (Gottman et al. As cited in Parke & Gauvain, 2009, p. 181). Generally, parents who respond to their smiling infant with passion will encourage him to smile more. According to Nicole Bush, a child clinical psychologist, she studies the relationship between environment and development. She proposed “rough” neighborhood which mean the environment with high crime rates, few social supports, and little social connected. Those children who grow up in rough neighborhood tend to have social and health-related
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