How Far Can Digital Photography Be Manipulated?

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1. How do state and local agencies maintain the integrity and overcome the problem that digital photography can be manipulated? Even though it is possible or photographs be manipulated state and local agencies have devised two ways to overcome a challenge photograph manipulation. First cameras can be purchased that are designed to create a file that cannot easily be manipulated without destroying the file. Second, treating camera as if it as evidence. With these two steps it is possible for state and local law enforcement to maintain the Integrity of photographs. First with cameras in which law enforcement use have special software on them allowing them to be used but not allowing the photographs to be edited and anyway otherwise the file will be destroyed. The software however is not perfect because given the time somebody put…show more content…
As a general rule this information is not one hundred percent reliable. Even though there is an eyewitness to a crime the information relayed may not always be accurate. Information given by civilian in regards to a crime is considered circumstantial because the person may not remember everything exactly how it happened. For example and I witness to a vehicle accident will experience many different things during the course of the accident. For example the person may not have ever experienced or seen anything like this traffic accident. The human body reacts and several different ways to new experiences like when someone Witnesses a car accident adrenaline begins to pump and people start taking action not really knowing or understanding what they are doing. This could Cloud the testimony or information given about this incident. The informant may leave out specific details because here she cannot remember them. Or only saw half of what happened and the human brain creates or manipulates information so that it can understand what
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