How Far Do You Agree To Beard's Thesis

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Beard 's Thesis He argued entirely different perspective on the rationale and reasoning behind the writing of a new constitution. I agree with Beards thesis because he believes that the United States is undemocratic. He made many points and supported how the Founding Fathers and the Constitution was undemocratic . For example the constitution bases all of its ideas and benefits on the wealthy men and women of the United States and not the large population of middle class men of our nation. The founding fathers put into the constitution everything that would benefit themselves and protect their financial standpoints. The Constitutional Convention was one of the most momentous occurrences in United States Constitutional history. The point of the constitutional convention is decide how America is going to be governed. The guys that contributed to it are James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. The people that were at high rank at the time. The one problem was that only one of the high rank people can attend, Which means that the low and middle class were not represented. The federalist believed in favor of the ratification of the constitution and the anti federalist opposed.The economic gain for the south was that they wouldn 't let the blacks vote or anything because…show more content…
Economics sparked the American Revolution because of all the taxes. The King of Great Britain believed in paying back war debts. The taxes put a big grip on the colonies. The tax that put the most tension was the tax on tea. The people thought that they were all ruled by England so they didn 't have to follow the tax. When this happened a meeting was called with the 13 colonies and the British government because they weren 't being heard. The British government would shut down the Bostok Port. The colonists now thought that they didn 't have to or want to pay taxes because they thought they were not part of England. All this shows that the economics was a big part of driving the American
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